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  • Logo
  • Mailer Box Design
  • Care Card Design
  • Hair Wrap Design
  • Hair Tag Design
  • Price List Design
  • Thank You Card Design


After order has been placed, the design form will be sent from the client portal. No work will begin until the form is complete and all information has been recieved


  • Additional Payment Plans Available Contact Us For More Info






 If you order after 7PM CST, the business days will begin on the FOLLOWING business day. Turn around time starts once all information is sent and payment is received.

Hair Business

  • Questionaires will be emailed within 48 hours

    Logos are always the first item to be comopleted in packages and Websites are always last to be completed in a Package.

    Cartoon Logos ( Illutstrations) are not included in any package.

    Bundles packages can not be substituded.

    If you purchase a bundle and expect it to be rushed, the rush fee is $200



  • Before booking any services, please review the policies and FAQs.

    You are responsible for reading these before your purchase.


    (you must check that you read and agree to terms and conditions on design/website order form)


    Rates & Payments


    • All payments are accepted directly through my website or a secured invoice. I DO NOT accept CashApp, Apple Pay, or PayPal. There are no exceptions.

    • All services require a full payment before work will begin.

    • Payments for services can be made in full or split into 2 invoiced payments if the total is over $300. The initial first payment will be your deposit. You will receive watermarked proofs of graphics and logos, or a preview only version of your website until the invoice is paid in full. Once designs are approved, your final payment invoice will be emailed. You will have 72 hours to pay the final payment, after that an additional $25 fee will be added to the invoice for each day the invoice isn’t paid. Files will be released once all payments are received. Please contact me for this payment option.

    Refunds & Cancellations

    • Octavia Design co. does not provide refunds for any services. Once a payment has been made, the project will begin in the time frame provided.  Please be advised that turnaround time can vary for many reasons: revisions made by client, previous orders running behind, sale event, lack of communication, ect... 

    • If for any reason you want to cancel a service that is already in process, that is your choice. However, due to the work applied during processing, such as gathering resources, payments already received by Octavia Design co.  will not be refunded. If no work has been done on the project, a partial refund may be issued at the discretion of Octavia Design co.

    • ​In the event that Octavia Design co. is unable to complete a project, you will receive a full refund.


    • Proof files of ANY kind are for the purpose of approval only. They are not to be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any other person or company other than those directly involved with the project without permission from Octavia Design co. All proofs are the property of Octavia Design co.

    Edit Requests VS. Re-design Requests

    • Once you receive your design preview(s) you will be able to request edits to your designs. There is a clear difference between edits and re-designing an entire project or design. or EDITS: Requests to change subtle things such as fonts used, lightening or darkening colors used, switch certain placements of images, or correcting grammatical errors. o RE-DESIGNS: Requesting an entire new design, changing all the verbiage used, changing all images used, or changing the entire overall theme.

    • For all projects done by Octavia Design Co, there is a two (2) revision limit, three (3) proofs are provided. After that, all additional revisions will incur a $10 fee per revision. For larger scale projects like web design, revisions are limited to 3.

    • 1 Single Item Re-design- $40 | Brand Re-design (more than 3 items)- $150


    Photo Policy

    • High quality photos are required for all projects, no exceptions. I require clients to at least have a photoshoot booked 2 weeks prior to the start of your project if you don’t already have photos ready to use. Once final edited photos are ready, you will be asked to upload them to your client portal.

    • If you have not invested in a professional photo shoot, stock photos can be used for an additional $40 fee. Please note that these photos may be used by other clients and brands. Stock photos are not exclusive to your brand only.


    Client Requirements

    • While I design your brand identity, I do require clients to have a presence during the process. Clients are required to submit their photos, content, verbiage, and a clear brand vision within 7 days of purchase. Once received, you will receive a project timeline in your client portal. If you submit your information later than 7 days, your project will be scheduled later in my design queue and the timeline will have to be updated.

    • When submitting your information, please provide a clear and precise brand vision. While I do understand your vision of your overall brand may be blurry at times, please understand that I am designing YOUR vision for YOUR business. Refrain from telling me to “freestyle” your graphics or telling me you want your brand to “pop”. I do not freestyle any design as this is your business vision, and that’s what I am trying bring to life for you.


    Client Communication

    • All communication between my clients must be done via your client portal email. Outside of phone consultations , edit/design information MUST BE EMAILED so I have a paper trail. Absolutely no DMs will be viewed if they contain project information, photos, or edit requests to your project. All information should be sent directly to your client portal unless otherwise stated.

    • II answer emails and inquiries Monday-Thursday 9:00 am until 4:00 pm eastern standard time. If an email is sent during the weekend or holidays, I will respond once back in my office. Repeat emails are not necessary. Calls are only scheduled on Fridays

    • If unforeseen circumstances occur, please keep in contact with me. I completely understand that life happens, and business is the last thing you may be thinking about. I just ask that you communicate with me and let me know of them when you have a chance.


    Client Ghost Policy

    • If a client stops communicating with me for longer than 14 days, I will consider the project “ghosted”. I will send one email to the client during those 14 days, but if I don’t receive a response your project will be booted from my active queue.

    • After 15 days, a reactivation fee of $75 will be invoiced and once payment is made your project will be re-activated. After 30 days, a reactivation fee of $125 will be invoiced. After 60 days, your project will be cancelled, and NO REFUND will be given. You will also be banned.


    Design Process & Turnaround Times

    • After your project is purchased, you will receive a welcome booklet. In that booklet you will receive a process outline that explains how your project will be developed. Also, within that booklet will be a link to your client questionnaire. You will have the option to receive your design forms and fill them out within 7 business days, or to book a free design consultation session to discuss your project in more depth.

    • Turnaround times are discussed within your personal welcome booklet. Each project turnaround time is predicated on our communication, when items are received, and editing times. These turnaround times are estimations and based on perfect conditions. You will receive a custom timeline within your client portal once ALL design forms, photos, and verbiage are submitted.

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